UPDATE, 7:15 a.m. Friday: The LA Times filed this story Thursday night, confirming that Seantrel Henderson is missing classes and that USC brass flew here to meet with him. Lane Kiffin checks in, but we still haven't heard anything from the Henderson Camp.

First things first on the Seantrel Henderson front: the 6-8, 340-pound offensive tackle remains a signed recruit at USC.

For now.

We also know that Henderson is playing AAU basketball this summer, but when it comes to talking football he's not game. Even if you ask him.

Besides that? Who knows.

Speculation has been out there for nearly two weeks that Henderson, who committed to the Trojans in February, wavered, then eventually signed March 22, is not exactly thrilled with the idea of staying with USC now that the huge NCAA sanctions have been announced. Rumors abound insist that coach Lane Kiffin has flown to the Twin Cities to meet with Henderson - who may or may not right now be missing orientation - for reassurance.

Stuff is out there, though nothing really says much at all.

Here's one rumor, posted just today. And another.

Remember, though. Take all of this with a grain of salt, folks.

The big problem for Henderson? Getting out of a signed National Letter of Intent is tough. The big problem for those who really want to know what is going on? Confirming all of this is tougher than a grilled ribeye leftover from last weekend. No one is talking. In addition to refusing comment at AAU hoops games, the Henderson family has not returned repeated messages seeking comment - even a simple "yes" or "no" - on Seantrel's commitment to the Trojans.

USC? Nothing from out there, either. Asked to check if Henderson is supposed to be in L.A. right now for classes or orientation, a seven-word e-mail returned:

"I don't have an answer for you."

Obviously, something is up. This "news" is making the rounds, and "experts" out there all seem to think Henderson is going somewhere else for his college career.