Leroy, 44, guitarist, father of three boys. Runs a catering company in Mesa, Ariz.

Eddie, 43, percussionist/saxophonist, father of three. Works at a Salt Lake City dairy company, still does some music gigs.

Eugene Hunt, 42, percussionist/saxophonist/vocalist, father of three. Does marketing for a developer in Salt Lake City, runs a music production company and stays in touch with ex-Jets manager Don Powell. Had a spinoff duo, Boys Club, that scored a Top 10 hit with "I Remember Holding You" in 1988.

Haini, 42, bassist, father of 10 and another on the way. Runs a catering company in Redlands, Calif., and still plays music.

Rudy, 41, drummer, father of two. Formed a documentary film company in Salt Lake City.

Kathi, 39, keyboardist, mother of three. Worked as a ticket agent for United Airlines. Lives in West Jordan, Utah, and sings in My Sisters.

Moana, 37, singer, mother of four. Runs a music production company in Provo, Utah. Sings in My Sisters.

Liz, 36, singer, mother of six. Breast cancer survivor. Lives in Provo, Utah and sings in My Sisters.