Wild has access today at 1 p.m., so that scraps the planned Live Chat ...

Will reschedule as soon as I can.

Here is some of our coverage today:

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But, ...... buy a newspaper. Awesome package put together by the folks on our copy desk.

The latest news: The players are expected to begin their ratification process once the union reviews a memo of understanding from the NHL. That could happen today or Tuesday. The voting process should be quick and simple.

On Wednesday, the NHL will have a Board of Governors meeting in New York to ratify the deal.

After that, we should have a much better sense as to when training camp will start and the season.

Last night, all 30 teams got a very vague memo that basically said due to timing and logistics, it's mostly probable that the season would start Jan. 19. But the goal still seems to be to start sooner. Only thing the memo said that was kinda definitive is that training camp would start sometime Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Things may remain vague until the deal is sign, sealed, delivered, official Wednesday. Then we may know then when training camp and the season starts.

But at this point, Jan. 15 seems like a real longshot. Can you start training camp on a Thursday and the season on a Tuesday? I'd say no chance. If you can consider road teams would have to then hit the road Monday, that gives teams five days of camp.

Also, Jan. 15 seems too soon if teams don't have a schedule because they need to redistribute tickets, sell tickets, set up marketing and promotions, book TV trucks, make sure their broadcasting rightsholders are ready to air those nights. Hockey ops needs to book travel -- planes, hotels, buses, meals.

So there's a lot of moving parts right now, so stay tuned.

A forty-eight game schedule starting Jan. 19 would like be divided as 5 games vs. 2 teams in one's division, 4 games vs. the other 2 teams in one's division (18 games) and then three games vs. the other 10 teams in one's conference (2 home, 1 away or vice versa for 30 games) = 48. (I'm a math whiz)!

I'm sure I'll be back today with updates and other goodies. NHL is back!