The Superior Trail fall races used a lottery system this year for the first time because of increased popularity in the events.

There are 250 registrants in the 100, 175 in the 50 and 300 in the marathon. An example of interest, nearly 170 runners were unable to get into the marathon.

The 100-mile, 50-mile and marathon (26.2 miles) happen Sept. 11-12 on the North Shore.

“The trail is pretty dynamic each and every year. … Overall, everything that I have seen throughout the year and the reports we get from the maintenance people that work on the trail and from doing some of our own trail work, the trail is in really great condition,” said race diretor John Storkamp.

“It’s been quite the adventure these couple of weeks,” Storkamp said of the preparation involving permits, coordinating volunteers and support, and so on. As many as 200 volunteers are signed up, many of them doing multiple jobs. The 100-mile race starts Friday; the other races start Saturday.

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