Prince was not the only Minnesota singer/songwriter whose home doubled as an inspirational sanctuary and concert venue. Jan Edwards' Moonacy Music Room in Plymouth might not be as famous as Paisley Park. But Moonacy, too, has drawn its share of up-and-coming musicians and artists, as well as smiling audience members for impromptu jams and hoote­nannies over the past seven years.

Edwards tapped architect Alex Haecker and interior designer Shelly David for the design of the 2014 addition to make her home a place where she could nurture her muse and help aspiring songwriters find theirs. Now, the 40- by 60-foot Moonacy Music Room, which accommodates 150 standing, plus the original three-bedroom house and the 5-acre lakefront grounds on which everything sits, soon will hit the market for $2.4 million.

"It's a unique, magical, one-of-a-kind place," said real estate agent Ian Petersen, who is working with his father, Gary Petersen, and agent Diann Kestner on the listing. "Really, you won't find anything like it."

The music room houses a huge stage that accommodates a piano, drum set and some of Edwards' dozen-plus guitars; a magical mosaic wall of colorful, custom acoustic tiles; an artist-designed bar that lights up, and lots of subtle technological features. Standing in it gives a feeling of calm, helped in part by Edwards' vibrant 9- by 18-foot painting of Ojibwe-inspired lore by Rabbett Runs Before Horses Strickland, which dominates one wall.

The addition also includes a "Jaws"-themed bathroom where the ominous soundtrack from the movie plays playfully while one uses the loo. Ooh.

The living quarters, which are in the original 1969-designed house, shouldn't get short shrift. The owner's suite fronts Hadley Lake, with sunshine to splash a sleeper awake, and two closets, one as big as a bedroom. The whole property slopes gently down to the water, where there's a dock.

"This lake probably has the state record-holder for bass," said Gary Petersen.

For Edwards, giving up a place where she has put so much of her treasure and creativity is not easy.

"I'm really going to miss it, but for family and artistic reasons, I'm relocating and it deserves someone who can use it full time," Edwards said. "I don't want it to be wasted."

The original structure had a mansard roof, now updated with copper. Skylights flood the space with light, even on darkest days. The outdoor is inspired by Chinese hutongs, the streets that form private courtyards and inner sanctums for multiple families. There's also a koi pond and a fountain.

"The hutong is a place of peace, privilege and privacy," Edwards said, recalling her trips to China. "This is super-private. You can walk around naked and nobody would care. It's a nice place to hang."

The Asian influence also is present in one of the bedrooms, dubbed the Dragon Room and papered in dragon wallcovering.

Edwards' downsizing comes as her songwriting career is taking off. "I Will," a song she co-wrote with Randy Morrison and Matt Rogers in Nashville that was recorded by the Darrin Morris Band, recently hit No. 1 in the Texas market.

"Texas is bigger than the Canadian market," she said proudly.

What will she miss the most about her Minnesota home?

"Going outside, listening to the waterfall and feeding the koi as I drink my coffee," Edwards said. "It's quiet, peaceful and inspiring."

Diann Kestner (, 952-215-8332), Gary Petersen (, 952-451-0284) and Ian Petersen (, 612-910-6005) have the listing.

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