The vice president of the University of Minnesota Duluth College Republicans stepped down after racist and nationalist posts on the group's Facebook page.

"I will not lead a club that condones this type of behavior," UMD College Republicans president Kynze Lundeen said in a statement late Monday. "As president, I do not condone the actions the past vice president has shown and in no way do his actions represent the mission statement of our club."

Neither she nor university officials identified the individual by name and his posts have been removed, but Duluth-based ABC news affiliate WDIO provided images of the posts.

One from July 30 under the group's banner, College Republicans at UMD, showed white young women carrying red, white and black flags with unrecognizable markings. Across the bottom of the image were the words: "Nationalism is beautiful" and "Generation Europa."

A second post, from Friday, showed an image of President Donald Trump and another man aiming handguns above the words, "Fire and fury." The post said there is a "cozy thought to the U.S. killing millions" and suggested the U.S. make North Korea a colony. "I mean we spend all this money on the miltary [sic], why not use it?"

Lundeen deleted the posts Monday and removed the student as an administrator on the group's page. Her statement called the posts "tasteless," as well as "inappropriate and not representing the values of our organization."

She also said she contacted the executive director of the Minnesota College Republican board, the president of the state GOP and UMD's vice chancellor for student life.

In a written statement, Chancellor Lendley Black said the university learned of the posts Monday and said they were inconsistent with UMD's goals and commitment to create a "positive and inclusive" environment and advance "equity, diversity and social justice."

Black continued, "UMD stands firmly against white supremacy, bigotry, and violence."

He noted that Lundeen had removed the posts on her own initiative and issued a statement condemning white supremacy. "Appropriate follow-up on the Facebook posts is occurring among several units in UMD Student Life," he wrote, then cited student privacy laws in not being more specific about those actions.

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