For a week, a dozen students will tweet new University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler's every move.

The U is looking for 12 social media "ambassadors" to update a Twitter feed during the week of Kaler's inauguration. (They'll take shifts, working one at a time, rather than as a 12-person posse.)

The idea came from a committee chaired by Maggie Towle, director of the U's Student Unions and Activities. "We were brainstorming with the students about how they would like to be engaged. One of the first things that came up, of course, was social media."

The students will tweet as Kaler visits farms, attends breakfasts with students, shakes hands at a public reception at Coffman Memorial Union and sees his presidential portrait unveiled.

As the U's Facebook page puts it: "Meet the Prez, get a behind the scenes view of a major U event and build your resume."

Applicant tweeters must say why they want the job and how they'd use the Twitter account to connect students to the week's happenings. They must also describe, in a creative 140 characters or less, this image.

Applications are due Sept. 5, but only the first 200 will be accepted, Towle said. Students, apply here.

Once the committee has chosen the top 20 applicants, Kaler's wife, Karen, will interview and pick the top 12.