Richard Pitino said Wednesday he doesn't "anticipate" any Gophers will join guard Kevin Dorsey in leaving the program, but the coach did leave the door open for that possibility.

"You're never surprised," Pitino said, while calling transfers "an epidemic" in college basketball. "I don't anticipate it, but in this business, with the amount of transfers, you never know. … I'm not surprised with anything anymore in this business."

Dorsey announced one week ago he would transfer, following a four-game suspension to end the season after sex videos appeared on his social media pages. Pitino said in the offseason's first news conference that Dorsey's departure was a mutual decision for both parties. He added that Dorsey hadn't yet determined where he would land, but that he wouldn't put any restrictions on his recruitment.

"I think we kind of both felt that it was best for him to find a new home closer to home," Pitino said. "It was not one of those deals where I brought him in and said, 'You've got to go.' That wasn't it. We both talked about it. I talked with his family about it and I just thought it was the best thing for him. ... Wherever he goes, we're rooting for him."

Dorsey's absence gives the Gophers another scholarship to use as early as next season, if they wish. It has been reported that the Gophers are pursuing Akeem Springs, a 6-3 fifth-year transfer from Wisconsin Milwaukee, and 6-11 high school senior big man Jordy Tshimanga, among others. On Wednesday, Pitino said the staff was open-minded about how they wanted to use the scholarship — mentioning that they were looking into fifth-year seniors, transfers and high school seniors — but emphasized a need for depth in the backcourt.

"We're going to try to add somebody," he said. "Our backcourt is pretty thin. You're always recruiting in this business. You're always doing it because you never know what's going to happen with transfers. Everybody deals with it, so you've got to be prepared at all times. You've got to have your lists in order."

No changes to staff

Despite coming off a historically bad season in which the Gophers set records for the longest losing streak (14 games) and losses (23), Pitino said he doesn't feel substantial changes are needed.

"If there was [a need for changes]," he said, "I would have done them."

That includes his immediate staff, which is comprised of three assistants — Ben Johnson, Nate Pomeday and Kimani Young — as well as Ryan Livingston, the director of basketball operations.

"Do we all need to get better? Yes. Do I need to get better? Yes," Pitino said. "I think we all understand that. But I love the potential of our staff. We've got two Midwest guys — Ben played here, and Nate played at Northwestern. They understand the Big Ten, they understand the Midwest, which is great for a guy who is not from here like myself. I think Kimani and I work really well on the East Coast together. I think Ryan Livingston, who we've brought in as our ops guy, he brought a lot of knowledge from Villanova.

"I think we have a great staff. It doesn't look like it right now, but I think it's going to pay off in the end."

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