longbennettFootball players are just like us! They laugh, they cry, they enjoy eating ice cream and … they get their feelings hurt.

If you thought social media spats were reserved for regular folks on Facebook (that post from your suddenly political high school friend pushed you over the edge) or Twitter (you should be ashamed of that thing you said … no I shouldn’t … yes you should), then you are wrong!

Social media fights can also afflict NFL teammates! Jimmy Traina at Fox Sports found some hilarious interplay between Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long and tight end Martellus Bennett (the only shocking thing about this is that it didn’t somehow involve Jay Cutler).

It appears as though Bennett unfollowed Long, and Long didn’t like it. Long tweeted at his teammate, “I’m afraid I have to reciprocate your act. You have been unfollowed.”

Bennett responded with a three-part tweet that reads (minus a couple of swears):

“Why are you worried about who is following you on twitter? More important [redacted] is happening in my world than Kyle Long’s tweets. I don’t need this form of social currency maybe you do. If a follow from me is going to make you feel wealthier socially, then u need to get out more. I prefer our day to day interactions in person. But that’s just me. You have my number. Stop the [redacted].”

What we have here is the classic case of a two-person relationship in which one is quite sensitive (Long). Our solution, being a passive-aggressive Upper Midwesterner, would have been — if we were Bennett — to simply “mute” Long on Twitter. Then he wouldn’t have had to see Long’s tweets in his timeline, but Long wouldn’t have had his feelings hurt.

Maybe this is something the new Bears head coach can address?

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