Two Black-legged Kittiwakes were seen Saturday afternoon at Canal Park in Duluth. This is the site of earlier Ivory Gull sightings (the most recent on Friday) The kittiwake is another small Arctic Gull species, this one wintering along both our Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

The Ivory Gull seen Friday could be THE Ivory Gull seen and reported at the park last week. It is an Ivory Gull, and it is a juvenile bird, as was the first once. There were no Saturday reports.

The initial bird was found in late December. Hundreds of observers came to the park to see it. Concurrently, a second Ivory Gull was found dead in Superior, perhaps a mile as the gull flies from the park. Then the gull left Duluth, or at least was not seen for a couple of days. Next, a juvenile Ivory Gull was found in an Ely backyard. It was captured, examined by a vet and found fit, released, and flew away. Now, Canal Park again. 

A Gyrfalcon continues to be seen in Superior on the Peavey grain elevator near Connor's Point.

Top, a Black-legged Kittiwake. Bottom, an Ivory Gull