Television stations in two states have pulled misleading attack ads financed by former Minnesota U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman’s American Action Network, CQ reported.

In Connecticut, the pulled ad claimed that the new health care law would lead to “jail time for anyone without coverage." An ad in Colorado that was taken off the air claimed Rep. Ed Perlmutter voted for providing Viagra to rapists in the health care bill.

Coleman’s group has run a multimillion-dollar ad campaign against Senate and House candidates across the country, including against Rep. Tim Walz in the First District. That ad is different than the two that were pulled.

In a statement to Hot Dish, American Action Network spokesman Jim Landry said: “This is all Democrat hyperventilation. Out of respect to a station’s wishes, we changed four words to the Connecticut ad.  The ad was not pulled and is running this evening. The ad in Colorado was challenged unsuccessfully on Friday by the Perlmutter campaign and proof of that failed challenge is that it ran all weekend.  We are cycling the ad out today to a different one, which is standard practice.”

(Update: A new blog post in the Denver Post contradicts Landry's statement about the Colorado challenge being unsuccessful. According to the Denver Post, a general manager at 9News in Colorado said "We notified them that we were pulling the ad...they subsequently cancelled their entire market buy."

Landry has since asked to modify his original statement, forwarding Hot Dish this: "...The ad in Colorado ran throughout the weekend on multiple stations and is scheduled to conclude on Wednesday. Although only one station took issue with the content of the ad, they still ran it all weekend.”

BTW, the Denver Post account makes reference to the involvement of Rich Beeson at FLS Connect, the St. Paul tele-fundraising company run by Coleman political lieutenant Jeff Larson.)