Tips for young athletes

Fieldhouse Media founder Kevin DeShazo has four tips for athletes dealing with "haters" on Twitter:

Ignore it. Being a competitor, you want to respond when somebody calls you out. But why give value and attention to somebody who doesn't deserve it?

Retweet it. One, it lets people see the hatred you deal with online. Two, it exposes the person attacking you online. Three, it lets your fans and supporters deal with it.

Block them. Tired of getting abused or attacked by a user? Block them. Twitter also has a "mute" button that prevents another person's tweets from appearing on your screen. You can also adjust your notifications so you aren't alerted each time someone references your Twitter handle.

Delete your account. In my opinion, this is a last resort. It lets the haters win. It tells them that they got to you and that what they did is OK. That they've overpowered the positive reasons you use social media.