Here's the reaction on Twitter to the news of Heartland's impending closure, from chefs, restaurateurs and diners.

Thank you Lenny and for creating beautiful food and memories, I'm really sorry to hear about this


Russo is a great man, his next act will inspire

made so much of what I do today possible. Thank you, Lenny and Mega, for being pioneers.

Very sorry to hear this news. There wouldn't be without .

Everyone! Go to to send Lenny&Mega off with bundles of love, appreciation & inspiration

But...but...I love . 😢

This breaks my heart all while I understand truly why, at 58, he needs something new. Smart, talented, gracious.


I love Lenny's food. I know his next move will be exciting.


A little part of me just died. So many memories there...

I just. Don't. Even. Understand.


Honestly one of the best things I've ever eaten was a simple side of asparagus w/ white sauce at .

Such a huge loss to Twin Cities food scene. Will be greatly missed.