Tweets highly critical of former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were sent today by a Twitter account used by the Home Depot Kitchen Design located at a Home Depot store in Apple Valley. Less than two hours after being sent, the tweets were deleted and the Twitter account was taken down. 

The tweets, which contained an image of Bush and Cheney with the text "we....committed documented war crimes and torture" were first noticed by Brian McClung, President of McClung Communications & Public Relations. 

The store manager at the Home Depot in Apple Valley connected to the Twitter account said all media calls about the tweets were being answered by public relations staff at Home Depot's corporate office.

Stephen Holmes, Director of Corporate Communications for Home Depot said in a statement that this was not  "a company Tweet or a company statement."  Holmes added that Home Depot "quickly investigated and an employee admitted to accidently retweeting this, not realizing it was coming from the store’s Twitter account." Holmes did not know if the Twitter account would be activated again. 

Picture source: Brian McClung via Twitter