It may have seemed like the 1980s at Target Field on Friday night, and not just for the Twins and Kansas City Royals playing with dreams of the postseason.

The Twins were giving away those hallmarks of the decade: Zubaz pants. And, according to social media, Twins fans went for them hook, line and sinker.


So did the players, according to the Twins' Twitter account:

The pants took some of the blame in Friday night's 3-1 loss to Kansas City, one that put a big dent in the Twins' playoff chances.

But some losses were felt more accutely than others.

Zubaz have a long and storied history in the Twin Cities, invented in Roseville in 1988, and providing zebra-print flair for Jesse Ventura and others.

That sartorial splendor's link to the Twins was rediscovered in 2012 with this photo of the team's former manager: