The Twins are committed to giving full pay and providing full benefits to its nonplaying staff through May 31, a club official confirmed Monday.

The announcement comes a day after a report in The Athletic in which MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred planned to inform clubs that he was suspending Uniform Employees Contracts effective May 1.

Manfred’s announcement would give clubs the ability to furlough or reduce the pay of their employees. But a number of teams, including the Twins, have indicated that they will pay those employees at least through the end of May.

Nonplaying staff includes front-office members, scouts and major and minor league field staffs. The White Sox, Red Sox, Reds and Marlins are among teams who also have committed to paying their nonplaying staff members through the end of May.

At that time there could be more clarity as to when baseball will be able to move forward during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Twins already pledged about $1.2 million to provide partial wages to part-time employees, such as stadium workers, at Target Field.

Baseball continues to discuss ways of starting the 2020 season as the nation battles the coronavirus. The league and player’s union is committed to playing as many games as possible, even if it means playing in empty parks and extending the season well into October with the postseason running into November.

The last game the Twins played occurred March 11, when they lost 3-2 to the Braves in an exhibition at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers, Fla. Within days, the Twins left Fort Myers, not knowing when their next game would be played. Two days later, the season was postponed. The UEC that Manfred will suspend contains a clause that allows him to do so in the event of a national emergency.