After seven years with the Cardinals, Lance Lynn returned to St. Louis this week as a member of the Twins. From the visiting side of the field, he expressed some of his frustration about the state of baseball to St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Benjamin Hochman.

Hochman wrote: "On this day, one year ago, Lynn was 4-1 with a 2.04 ERA. Talk radio talked regularly about the $100 million he'd make. Talk about a curveball."

Instead, there were no acceptable offers until the Twins put up $12 million for a one-year contract well into spring training. Lynn has struggled so far, with a 1-3 record and 7.28 ERA in his first six starts.

Lynn told Hochman: "Maybe I'll just go on and be a hired gun the rest of my career, I don't really care. If somebody gives me a chance to pitch, I'm going to go do it, I'm not worried about anything else. ... I was here for seven years and there's no loyalty in the game. So as players, you've noticed players not having the loyalty anymore either."