The Twins have plenty of holes after losing 103 games last season. They patched one by signing catcher Jason Castro, but I get the sense that some fans are getting a little antsy for more action.

I asked on Twitter whether that's true — and if "Thadrek Falvine," a mash-up of new Twins bosses Derek Falvey and Thad Levine, who seem joined in the spirit of synergy and collaboration in the decisionmaking process, should be taking into account what fans want when they make decisions.

To the part about being antsy, fan responses were about 50-50. Refreshingly, to the question about whether the Twins bosses should be listening to fans, the overwhelming majority said no.

If the roster still looks pretty similar on Feb. 1 — or if the Twins make an unpopular trade involving Brian Dozier — the answers might be different. For now, it seems like a pretty good number of Twins fans are in "trust the process" mode.

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