Brandon Kintzler has been performing under pressure since a young age. Now a major league pitcher closing games for the Twins, at age 4 Kintzler was performing daring bicycle jumps and racing alongside much older competition.

These daring acts got the attention of the local media in Las Vegas and a broadcaster named Colin Cowherd — maybe you’ve heard of him? Cowherd, now the host of “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports Radio, started his career in Las Vegas.

Cowherd reported on Kintzler’s attempt to jump his bike over 16 people. He started the package saying, “His nickname is Bashful. A 4-year-old with the courage of somebody twice his age. The jump, over 16 people. OK, they’re little people, but still a crowd of young followers has gathered.”

Kintzler didn’t say much when Cowherd asked if he was nervous before the jump, replying with a simple “no.”