Welcome to the Thursday edition of The Cooler, where it’s better late than never. Let’s get to it:

*One of the terrible things about privilege is that it leads people to wonder why the world isn’t always tilted in their favor or to their whims, instead of just being that way most of the time.

I’m not saying that’s definitely what motivated someone to inquire about a “straight pride night” so that things “can be equal” in response to the Rochester Red Wings — the Class AAA affiliate of the Twins — announcing their first ever Pride Night in partnership with local LGBTQ organization Out Alliance.

But I will say the response from whoever delivered it for the Red Wings on their official Facebook page pretty much nailed it.

We had a deaf culture day. No one asked when’s hearing culture night. We had Women in Sports Night. No one said when’s men in sports night. … If you’re not for inclusion and promoting a welcoming environment for everyone then don’t come July 2. We have 69 other home games this season.”

It should also be pointed out that most of the response to the event, per reporting by the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, has been positive.

*I could sit around all day watching videos of Randy Moss and Deion Sanders catching fish and talking about their glory days.

Maybe you could, too?

*This Warriors vs. Raptors matchup reminds me a little of the 2004 NBA finals, when the assumption was the dynasty Lakers (winners of three titles in a row from 2000-02 and in search of a fourth in five years, just like the Warriors) were the presumptive favorites against the Pistons.

I’m not saying the Raptors are going to shock the world and win in five games like the Pistons did. But as basically a 3 to 1 underdog, I would say the Raptors are very undervalued and could very well win this whole thing.

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