The sliver of good news for the Twins is that if they stay in contention as the weather improves, their walk-up crowd should get a good boost and their attendance very well could recover and push north of 2 million. If not, things could get pretty dire.

The Twins drew 1.959 million fans last season, their lowest attendance since 2004. They drew more than 2.4 million fans in 2009, their last season in the Dome, and they drew more than 3 million each of their first two years at Target Field.

If attendance stays down by 4,000 per game all season — as it is through April — the Twins' season attendance would fall below 1.7 million and would be the lowest since they barely drew 1 million people in 2000. I don't think that will happen, but the Twins are caught in a tangle of bad luck and a mess of their own making.

By the way, it's supposed to be 71 degrees Saturday. But the Twins will be in New York to play the Yankees.

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