WASHINGTON -- The Twin Cities CW station WUCW decided to pull an ad against Stewart Mills off the air after national Republicans complained it was inaccurate.

The ad shows Stewart Mills saying he is "personally offended" about allegations that the wealthy don't pay taxes, but the National Republican Congressional Committee say the words were actually thrown together from three separate sentences in a longer speech.

In the actual summer 2013 speech to the Second Amendment and Liberty Rally posted on YouTube, Mills said, "We donate to charity, we help with events, we do a lot of things for this community and to be singled out as a deadbeat is personally offensive. And that's what they call them. They say oh, they're not paying their fair share. There's all these loopholes."

Later in the speech, Mills said, "The problem with that isn't necessarily paying your fair-share, it's the political pandering because what happens is that underneath the Obama administration, our taxes went from 35 to 39.6 percent."

Mills is challenging incumbent Democrat Rep. Rick Nolan for his Eighth Congressional District seat. The race is expected to be among the tightest in the country. Some political observers have called Nolan "the most vulnerable Democrat in the House" this cycle.

In a letter to the Mills campaign, WUCW's director of sales said the station's legal department advised the ad be pulled off the air.

The ad was part of a massive $350,000 ad buy by the liberal House Majority PAC in the Twin Cities and Duluth television markets. The ad is still running on other stations.

"Just like two years ago, Stewart Mills is still trying to keep Minnesota voters from hearing the out-of-touch views he expressed in his own words," said Jeb Fain, with the House Majority PAC. "Voters are going to continue to learn about the real Stewart Mills."

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