With hundreds of thousands of podcasts to choose from, and more coming online every day, it's difficult for a novice listener know where to begin. Sampling is free, so look at what's featured in the iTunes store. Because iTunes ranks podcasts by the number of downloads, you also can find the most popular ones. Also, ask enthusiastic listeners what show they like best. We asked the four podcasters in our story for their faves:

Sharon Stiteler of "Birdchick"

• "You Must Remember This," little-known tales from old Hollywood.

• "My Dad Wrote a Porno," British humorist reveals embarrassing family history.

Andrew Nielsen of "Geek to Geek"

• "My Brother, My Brother and Me," advice from a trio of brothers.

•" Shut Up and Sit Down," reviews and recommendations of board games.

• "Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project," pop culture insights and ramblings.

Maddy Love of "Minnesota TransAtheist"

• "Hardcore History," a highly rated analysis of events from world history.

Levi Weinhagen of "Pratfalls of Parenting"

• "Red Man Laughing," storytelling from Ryan McMahon, a Canadian comedian and Anishinaabe tribe member.

• "Wrong About Everything," an irreverent look at Minnesota politics.

• "Anxious Machine," true stories about the human struggle with modern machinery.

Kevyn Burger