It is such a relief talking about the weather these days. Even "bad weather" is a welcome break from pandemics and civil unrest. We are extras in a bad Tom Clancy thriller, one that almost makes me long for the good old days of 2020, but not really.

My late mom was a glass-half-full kind of person. During difficult times, she would say, "No storm lasts forever. A rainbow always reappears." Good news can't arrive soon enough.

Clouds increase today, but I expect another thaw later in the day. A sloppy mix overspreads the state Thursday, with most of the accumulating snow falling Thursday night into Friday. I don't think this is "The Big One" (no long-duration supply of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico) but a few inches may pile up. I'm thinking 2-4 inches in the metro, maybe 4-6 inches north and west of the Twin Cities.

Travel conditions improve this weekend and temperatures bounce back to near freezing late next week.

A cold correction is brewing for late January; single-digit highs and subzero nights are likely.