• Writing the Green Arrow series for DC Comics, teamed with artist Patrick Zircher. The primer issue comes out in June, and issue #1 will drop in July.

• Creating, writing and producing "Black Gold," a crime drama set in the North Dakota oil fields, for the Starz TV network.

• Adapting his second novel, "Red Moon," which linked werewolves, or lycans, and terrorism for a series on Fox TV.

• Working on a script for the adaptation of his first novel, "The Wilding," for filmmaker Tanya Wexler.

• In 2016, Graywolf Press will publish "Thrill Me," a collection of essays about the craft of writing, focusing on the art of suspense and momentum.

• Finishing "Dark Net," a novel for the digital age about the darkness that lives on the Internet, or what he calls " 'The Matrix' meets 'The Exorcist.' "

Kim Ode