'Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields'
Shields has yet to find an acting role to match the success of her teen-modeling career. But her ability to overcome major obstacles is impressive enough. This ABC News documentary tackles it all. The Calvin Klein ads. Nude pics. Alcoholic mother. Rape. Postpartum depression. Andre Agassi. Shields and director Lana Wilson take you over every pothole, with the 57-year-old entertainer emerging as a pillar of strength, someone you'd rather have dinner with than see tarted up in a magazine spread. Her journey is rarely pretty but it's ultimately inspirational. Monday, Hulu

Rob Lowe has made a nice career off his chiseled good looks and deadpan delivery. Now it's his son's turn. John Owen Lowe and dad co-created and star in this sitcom about an eccentric biotech entrepreneur who leans on his only child after his wife passes away. There's not a lot of laughs, but it's nice to see father and son find an excuse to spend time together, even if it's not quality time. Netflix

'The Big Door Prize'
In this charming sitcom, a town with more than a passing resemblance to George Bailey's Bedford Falls suffers a mutual midlife crisis when a fortunetelling machine pops up in the general store. Chris O'Dowd, who always does a nice job of filling in for Jimmy Stewart, leads the winning cast. Apple TV Plus

'Eva the Owlet'
Rebecca Elliott's bestselling children's books spring to life in this animated series aimed at kindergartners showing early signs of becoming night owls. Eva and her nocturnal friends have all kinds of G-rated escapades, like baking muffins, constructing a flag and making crowns out of flowers. But the episodes are not going to make viewers any wiser. The series would be more productive if it took time to instruct youngsters how they can be just as crafty as Eva. Friday, Apple Plus

'The Sun Queen'
Those who fell asleep in science class may have a hard time following this "American Experience" documentary about Mária Telkes, a biophysicist who championed solar power long before George Harrison wrote "Here Comes the Sun." But everyone should be able to comprehend her frustration. Director Amanda Pollak shows how gender discrimination and the country's growing reliance on gasoline kept Telkes from ruling the scientific world. 8 p.m. Tuesday, TPT, Ch. 2

'Joni Mitchell: The Gershwin Prize'
It's a hoot watching Annie Lennox come up with dance moves to "Both Sides Now" and hearing James Taylor lend his unique voice to "California." But the highlight of the 2023 Gershwin Prize for Popular Song ceremony, which took place earlier this month, is when the 79-year-old recipient blesses the Washington, D.C., crowd with her interpretation of George Gershwin's "Summertime," then takes lead vocals on an all-star version of "The Circle Game." It's unlikely that Mitchell will ever tour again, so treasure this moment as long as you can. 8 p.m. Friday, TPT, Ch. 2

'Prom Pact'
Mandy is obsessed with getting into Harvard. Ben can't talk to his crush without transforming into a blubbering idiot. In other words, they're dorks. But stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Milo Manheim, both of whom will be familiar with Disney show fanatics, are far too gorgeous to pass as wallflowers. The nods to classic '80s films like "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghostbusters" are just as cute as the casting. Every time you worry about overdosing on the sugar, Margaret Cho slips in as the world's most sarcastic guidance counselor. And even she's adorable. Disney Plus

'Emergency NYC'
During the height of the pandemic, New Yorkers came out on their balconies on a regular basis to applaud doctors and nurses on the front line. This docuseries might trigger another ovation. The action is fast-paced, dashing from liver transplants to gunshot wounds to brain surgeries. But the directors make time to capture moments of impeccable bedside manners, assuring us that hospitals are staffed with far more Marcus Welbys than Gregory Houses. Netflix