gogglesYou’ve likely read a gloom-and-doom piece or two about NFL TV ratings this season, which have seen double-digit declines in several key areas.

Lest you think American football is special in this regard, Deadspin offers a good reminder that the “other” football is also in the tank when it comes to television this year.

The sport Americans know better as soccer is struggling at the equivalent level and magnitude of the NFL, with English Premier League games doing poorly in both Europe and on NBC Sports Network in the United States.

We can’t blame anthem protests or concussion problems for that — nor can we blame the presidential election on the ratings woes in Europe.

Cord-cutters — those who ditch traditional cable because of the expense or other reasons — could be playing a role in both leagues.

Or there’s this: maybe it’s just a down year in terms of content in the NFL and EPL?

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