Q: As a kid in the ’60s I watched a show set in Revolutionary War times when patriots were conducting clandestine meetings to organize. One character wore a scarecrow mask and rode through the night while an eerie song played. Can you tell me more about this show and how I might watch it again?

A: That was a production known as “Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow” or “The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh.” It was shown on “The Wonderful World of Disney” in 1964 in three parts and starred Patrick McGoohan, who would later be famous for the TV shows “Secret Agent” and “The Prisoner” and many other TV and movie roles. The drama has been released on DVD, though copies now can be very expensive; the three parts are on YouTube and the quality isn’t too bad.

Scary WWII film

Q: I was wondering if you can help me with a World War II movie that I saw many years ago. I’m pretty sure Richard Burton played a German officer and it might have taken place in Italy. He was conflicted with a priest because he had to be in charge of mass executions. I was young at the time and it scared the blank out of me.

A: That would be “Massacre in Rome,” an Italian film from 1973, which indeed starred Burton along with Marcello Mastroianni. It was inspired by a real-life incident during World War II.


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