Q: I am a fan of “The Good Doctor.” The season finale gave me the impression that it was the last show, period. Will it be back next season?

A: Yes, it will be back. But — no spoilers here — there have been big changes in the characters and the new season should have plenty of emotional turns.

Divorce final

Q: Did Rhoda divorce Joe on “Rhoda”? I know they separated but they never said what happened.

A: Actually, they did. In the first episode of the show’s fourth season, Rhoda (Valerie Harper) gets a letter from her lawyer, which says that her divorce is final.


Q: I have been binge-watching “Better Call Saul” and in the fourth season there was a great segment with no dialogue but background music playing “something stupid like I love you.” Another segment had a song saying “big rock candy mountain.” Where and when have I heard these songs before?

A: “Somethin’ Stupid” (which, as “Something Stupid,” is the name of the episode) was originally a hit duet by father-and-daughter Frank and Nancy Sinatra in 1967. The version used on “Better Call Saul” was by the band Lola Marsh and, according to Rolling Stone, commissioned especially for the TV show. “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” was often recorded, and the show used one of the best-known versions, by Burl Ives.


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