Q: I have heard that the series "Dallas" will not return.

A: TNT, which had been carrying the new version of the classic prime-time soap, decided to drop "Dallas" after three seasons. As Deadline.com reported when the show was canceled in October, the series' audience was "older skewing than some of TNT's other series such as 'Falling Skies' and 'The Last Ship.' It also doesn't fit into the network's new direction towards edgier fare."

Tracking 'The Mentalist'

Q: On the final episode of "The Mentalist," Grace Van Pelt attended Teresa and Patrick's wedding. I thought she was killed by a bad guy in her own home several years ago.

A: You may be thinking of a different character. Van Pelt, played by Amanda Righetti, and her husband, Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman), left the series under their own power in the spring of 2014.

Where's David Gregory?

Q: What happened to David Gregory? He was on "Meet the Press" and on the "Today" show at times. I haven't seen him in a while.

A: Gregory left NBC in 2014. He had been replaced on "Meet the Press" by Chuck Todd when the show's ratings declined under Gregory. Matt Wilstein, commentator for the Mediaite blog and aggregator, wondered recently if NBC had had second thoughts about letting Gregory go in light of the Brian Williams scandal. In May, Gregory will be the keynote speaker for the American Boating Congress, a legislative conference for leaders in the recreational boating industry.

Beatty as Hughes?

Q: I hear Warren Beatty is directing a movie about Howard Hughes and playing Hughes.

A: While there's at least one report that the movie will be in theaters in May, that same report and others do not even have a title for the film. Production was reportedly completed last year, but Beatty is famously methodical about his work. This movie would be Beatty's first big-screen acting since "Town and Country" in 2001 and his first directing since "Bulworth" in 1998.

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