How do you get Super Bowl fans to stick around after the big game for a show about singing-and-dancing high-school students? Three words: Sexy. Cheerleader. Routine. That's what you can expect at the top of a special episode of "Glee" (approximately 9:30 p.m., KMSP, Ch. 9), which will also feature a rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."


Director Eugene Jarecki does a deft job of shattering some of the myths about the 40th president, while suggesting some fascinating new mysteries in his documentary "Reagan" (8 p.m., HBO). There's an anti-Republican bent throughout much of the film, which may explain why some major players -- Nancy Reagan, George Bush -- didn't participate, but there's enough good stuff here for both fans and detractors to chew on.


"Traffic Light" (8:30 p.m., KMSP, Ch. 9) is yet another sitcom about men acting like little boys and the women who put up with them. There's no reason to hate any of the players, including University of Minnesota grad Aya Cash, but there's not much reason to fall in love with them, either. TV writers may want to spend less time trying to create the next "Friends" and more time getting some relationship counseling.


If Courteney Cox can star in a winning ABC sitcom, why can't another former "Friend"? In "Mr. Sunshine" (8:30 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5), Matthew Perry stars as a director of an Xcel Center-sized auditorium, juggling a tattered love life, a certifiable boss (Allison Janney, who's wonderfully over-the-top) and one crazy booking after another. Think what would have happened to Chandler Bing if he hadn't nabbed Monica and you've pretty much got the character. Yep, it's that funny.


Ronnie and Sam break up for the 240th time on "Jersey Shore" (9 p.m., MTV). No loyal viewer will be surprised, but Ronnie is so overwhelmed that he destroyed many of his once-and-future lover's cherished goods. (Oh, no! Not the hair dryer!!!) Sam considers leaving the show, which is about as likely as Snooki settling down with a beet farmer.