Space balls

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane tries to atone for Peter Griffin’s sins with “The Orville,” an overly earnest attempt at sincerity by way of “Star Trek.” MacFarlane plays a slightly less pompous version of James T. Kirk, navigating social issues as he leads his ship through space. There are dashes of humor, but mostly this is a goodwill tour, one that’s more saccharine than silly.

Special preview 7 p.m. Sunday, KMSP, Ch. 9; starts regular time slot Sept. 21

Love knows no bounds

“Outlander,” the time-traveling fantasy series, may not be one of TV’s most popular shows, but its cult following is so strong that Entertainment Weekly continues to splash cast members on its cover. This third season will only expand the fan club.

7 p.m. Sunday, Starz

Top of the heap

The president’s daughter is now in charge. Elisabeth Moss, introduced to most viewers on “The West Wing,” has become TV royalty, thanks to “Mad Men,” “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Top of the Lake,” which returns for a second season, subtitled “China Girl,” and co-starring Nicole Kidman. Yes, even the Aussie superstar wants to rub elbows with the queen of the small screen.

8 p.m. Sunday, Sundance

Neal Justin