Class reunion

I’m not a big fan of bringing back the dead, but the return of “Will & Grace” has me a little giddy. The chemistry of the cast was electrifying, and while some of the issues they tackled may seem dated, the sparks still seem to be flying. Read more on E1.

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Not necessarily the news

If Briga Heelan’s Katie Wendelson on “Great News” is a surrogate for Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon character from “30 Rock,” then it kind of makes sense that Fey, who is the show’s executive producer, would guest star as a Jack Donaghy-type boss. It’s great fun to watch Fey join in the silly fun for at least six episodes.

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I’ll have what he’s having

Don Rickles isn’t the picture of health in “Dinner With Don,” conversations taped in late 2016 at various Los Angeles restaurants, but the late comedian is as mentally sharp as ever, trading good-natured jabs with guests Martin Scorsese, Marisa Tomei, Billy Crystal and others. The short-running times — six to 10 minutes each — make perfect midafternoon snacks.

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Neal Justin