Scare tactics

Not much is known about the eighth season of Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” except that it’s subtitled “Apocalypse” and is supposed to serve as a crossover between the first season (the one about the haunted house) and Season 3 (the one about witches at a boarding school). The setup allows for the return of some familiar faces, including Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Stevie Nicks. Stand back!

9 p.m., FX

Crash and burn

Andrew Ross Sorkin, the author of “Too Big to Fail,” looks at an entirely different kind of horror story in “Crisis on Wall Street: The Week That Shook the World,” an in-depth investigation of how the 2008 financial crisis nearly caused a global economic apocalypse.

9 p.m., CNBC

The sobering truth

South Florida, Land of 10,000 Rehabs, is the focus of “Dopesick Nation,” a 10-part docuseries exposing treatment centers that appear more interested in getting rich than in helping opioid addicts. The heroes of the tale are Allie and Frank, two addicts doing their best to steer others toward a proper recovery.

9 p.m., Viceland

Neal Justin