How we got here

Those seeking a refresher course in how we landed in the current political predicament are encouraged to enroll in “Trump’s Showdown,” a step-by-step explanation of events that led up to Robert Mueller’s investigation and beyond. As usual, the “Frontline” team, headed by director Michael Kirk, relies heavily on behind-the-scenes players who are less interested in raising their profiles and more focused on laying out the facts.

8 p.m., TPT, Ch. 2

It don’t come easy

Those who didn’t get enough of Ringo Starr when he performed in the Twin Cities last week can spend bonus time with the Beatle on a new edition of “The Big Interview With Dan Rather,” a series that has become almost exclusively about sitting down with veteran musicians. It’s still a little weird to see the former CBS News anchor try to play rock chronicler, but Starr — animated as always — doesn’t seem to mind.

8 p.m., AXS TV

College education

HBO, one of the few networks willing to take on professional sports, keeps up its assault on “Student Athlete,” a film about how college superstars get shafted while their schools rake in the money. Former NFL coach John Shoop won’t be heading to the Hall of Fame, but he shines as a voice of frustration in this revealing and often heartbreaking documentary.

9 p.m., HBO

Neal Justin