Color coordinated

If the new animated series "Rainbow Rangers" connects with young viewers, expect your preteen girls to start dropping hints about dressing up as one of the show's six magical heroines for Halloween 2019. Choices include fashionista Lavender LaViolette and the bookish Pepper Mintz.

2 p.m., Nick Jr.

Better late than never

Orson Welles' long-lost project "The Other Side of the Wind" finally sees the light of day, 40 years after the late filmmaker took it on. Starring John Huston as a director trying to make a comeback of his own, the movie is accompanied by a making-of documentary, "They'll Love Me When I'm Dead."

Now streaming on Netflix

Spirit in the night

Jennie Marie may very well be a con artist, but she's genuinely charming as the star of "Mama Medium," an appropriate companion series to "Long Island Medium." Her interactions with her exasperated but loving husband conjure the kind of chemistry most sitcoms wish they had.

8 p.m., TLC

Neal Justin