Little town blues

Fans of "It's a Wonderful Life" might rather not know that Dryden, N.Y., the town that inspired Frank Capra's vision of Bedford Falls, would become the setting for a strange string of murders in the 1990s. The twist is bizarre enough to merit a five-part series, "Village of the Damned," which opens with a horrifying massacre that took the lives of four family members.

9 p.m., Investigation Discovery

Ancient Chinese Secret

Richard Nixon never imagined that his diplomatic trip to China would eventually lead to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show filming in Shanghai. Harry Styles marks the historic event with a musical performance.

9 p.m., WCCO, Ch. 4

Eggnog overload

Just when you thought there were no new versions of Charles Dickens' classic holiday tale, along comes a new "Drunk History Christmas Special" in which Phil Hendrie recites the story behind "A Christmas Carol" after six too many shots of booze. Also included: How George Washington managed to cross the Delaware River without giving away his position through loud belching.

9 p.m., Comedy Central

Neal Justin