Two times a lady

Maria Bamford didn’t return to Minnesota to shoot the second season of “Lady Dynamite,” but her Duluth roots still play a vital role in this surreal comedy, especially in flashbacks with her passive-aggressive parents (Mary Kay Place and Kurt Braunohler, who replaces Ed Begley Jr.). Adding to the local flavor is Dudley Riggs veteran Mo Collins as Bamford’s needy pal. In early episodes, Bamford’s character has settled into a partnership with a gentle Viking type, but still finds time to bond with the neighborhood raccoon. David Lynch would howl.

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These days

Just because Dave Grohl has flowing locks and is center stage in Athens’ Acropolis doesn’t mean he’s transformed into Yanni. The rocker keeps the volume at 11 in “Foo Fighters: Landmarks Live in Concert,” a performance disrupted by too many travel pieces from host Chad Smith.

9 p.m. Friday, TPT, Ch. 2

The home front

The success of the mega-documentary “The Vietnam War” justifies repeat viewing of the 1980s film “And a Time to Heal,” Gary Gilson’s film about five Minnesota women who served as nurses in the war. That’s followed by “The Telling Project: Minnesota Remembers Vietnam.”

3 p.m. Saturday, TPT, Ch. 2

There goes the neighborhood

The Muppets really shouldn’t be wandering outside the “Sesame Street” neighborhood without adult supervision, but we’ll let their truancy slide for “Magical Wand Chase,” a prime-time special in which a hot-air balloon adventure leads to Big Bird and company trying to track down a spirited Elizabeth Banks. The mission takes the crew through diverse pockets of New York City, a nod to immigrants that’s so obvious that even Elmo would understand.

6 p.m. Saturday, HBO

Neal Justin