American woman

“The Americans” may not have done much to remind our country of the Cold War with Russia, but it did prove that Keri Russell could move viewers without chopping off her hair. As the series wraps up its six-season run, let’s hope Hollywood keeps the show’s most important star in mind during awards season.

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Pep rally

As TV’s most infectious cheerleader, Ellie Kemper continues to bring sunshine into our dreary lives in the fourth (and final) season of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” But the series doesn’t depend entirely on its plucky star. Zip ahead to the third, nearly Schmidt-less episode that focuses on attempts by the Rev. Richard Wayne (Jon Hamm) to get sprung from jail. “SNL” vet Bobby Moynihan also gets a showcase role as a sad-sack sexist. The second half of the season will drop later this summer.

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Inception rejection

“Reverie” is a blatant attempt to reflect the success of “Black Mirror” as its team of heroes dives headfirst into virtual-reality worlds to save victims stuck in dreamland. But the dialogue and stock characters are less than fantastical. The only way this series can be saved is if one of the VR players conjures up the spirit of Christopher Nolan.

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Neal Justin