Appetite for destruction

The biography “Chris Farley: Anything for a Laugh” includes plenty of hilarious clips from the late comic’s catalog, but there’s an overwhelming tone of sadness to the two-hour documentary. Al Franken tears up when recalling how his former “Saturday Night Live” colleague, who died of a drug overdose in 1997 at age 33, would visit sick children in the hospital. You’re likely to get emotional, as well.

8 p.m. Mon., A&E

The good vet

“The Hot Zone,” a mini­series detailing how the Ebola virus arrived on U.S. soil in 1989, features many scenes of doctors and scientists widening their eyes after peering into a microscope. But Julianna Margulies, as Army veterinarian Nancy Jaax, is an irresistible protagonist. Few actors do a better job of projecting steely determination.

8 p.m. Mon., National Geographic

Dead on arrival

It’s been only eight years since “Medium” went off the air, but I guess it’s not too soon for network TV to give the concept another shot. The new series may be called “The InBetween,” but it’s basically just a continuation of the Patricia Arquette drama. This time around, Harriet Dyer plays the crime-fighter who sees dead people, including a dude who seems to be channeling Robert De Niro’s character from “Cape Fear.”

9 p.m. Wed., KARE, Ch. 11

Neal Justin