Scare tactics

If you think the star of “Empire” portrays some creepy characters, get a load of him scaring superfans in “Terrence Howard’s Fright Club,” a one-hour special that appears to be combining “Candid Camera” with “Ghost Hunters.”

7 p.m., KMSP, Ch. 9

Cliff notes

The new documentary series “Explained” seems to understand that some curious viewers only have so much time on their hands. Most episodes clock in at less than 20 minutes, plenty of time to give you a rough idea of what’s driving the K-pop movement or why there is still such a wealth discrepancy between blacks and whites in America. You’ll smarten up in no time.

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Child’s play

“Red Nose Day,” a charity drive aimed at helping kids, dominates NBC’s prime-time lineup, starting with a celebrity version of “American Ninja Warrior,” followed by Julia Roberts running wild with Bear Grylls. The evening is capped with a live special that will include another reunion for the cast of “Love Actually.”

7 p.m., KARE, Ch. 11