Cyber space

In an ideal world, Patricia Arquette would be following up her recent Oscar win for "Boyhood" with edgy, challenging work. "CSI: Cyber" isn't it. She's fine as an agent battling evil hackers, but this is a fairly standard procedural that doesn't give the talented actress a whole lot to do. 9 p.m. WCCO, Ch. 4

Skipping church

All too often, TV can't leave a good thing alone. "Broadchurch" was a mesmerizing English drama when it debuted in 2013. Then the Fox network had to steal the premise for a pointless remake. Now comes the second season of the British version of a show that's more than outstayed its welcome. 9 p.m. BBC America

Our man in Havana

It was 1959 when "Tonight Show" host Jack Paar visited Havana to chat with Fidel Castro. Now late-night TV returns to the island on "Conan" with footage from Conan O'Brien's visit last month to Cuba. Let's hope he brought back enough rum and cigars for everyone. 10 p.m. TBS

Neal Justin