Christ revisited

The faithful and the fickle can both find reasons to invest in "Jesus: The Life," a four-part series that tells an age-old story through the viewpoint of key figures from the New Testament. Historians occasionally break into the flow to offer more practical interpretations of the gospels. The acting in the dramatizations is a bit hammy, but it's nothing that requires penance.

7 p.m. History Channel

The good doctor

Sanjay Gupta takes time off from making his medical rounds and filing stories for CNN to examine "One Nation Under Stress," a documentary that's as much about the doctor/reporter as it as about America's decreasing life expectancy rate. Yes, you find out more about the growing dependency on opioid drugs, but you also learn that a young Gupta once tried to persuade his parents to change his name to "Steve."

8 p.m. HBO

Hear them roar

"It's not that women get written out of history," says Irish civil rights leader Bernadette Devlin in the docu-series, "Women, War & Peace II." "They never get written in." This four-part series tries to make up for that disgrace, starting with a powerful episode that looks at how women were consistently cast aside while men bungled peace talks in Northern Ireland. Three more parts run consecutively on Tuesday.

8 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Neal Justin