Not over the hills

Either the former CBS News anchor is chugging from the fountain of youth, or he's inspired by the rock 'n' roll legends he's been yakking with on "The Big Interview With Dan Rather." Whatever the case, you won't want to miss his chat with Robert Plant, who showed he's not ready for the retirement home, either, during his recent performance in the Twin Cities.

8 p.m., AXS TV

Stamp of approval

Andrew Zimmern, Minnesota's most famous food personality, has a new offering on a schedule that's getting so fat that it would barely fit on an Applebee's menu. "The Zimmern List" consists of favorite haunts in U.S. cities, starting with Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

8 p.m., Travel Channel

Above the law

"For the People" is best summed up as "Grey's Anatomy" in the courthouse with plenty of dreamy attorneys and female bonding. That shouldn't be a surprise, as its producer is Shonda Rhimes. But unlike the long-running medical soap, "People" lacks vivid, three-dimensional characters you'd want to keep on retainer. The exception: Jasmin Savoy Brown ("The Leftovers") exudes enough spunk to fill in for Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh.

9 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5

Neal Justin