Ray in Russia

There's absolutely nothing wrong with watching repeats of "Everybody Loves Raymond," but if you're looking to mix it up a little, check out 2010's "Exporting Raymond," a hilarious documentary about how the sitcom's co-creator Philip Rosenthal tried to do a Russian version of the series. 9 p.m. Friday, TVLand

Separate lives

Kris and Bruce Jenner's divorce is front and center as "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" kicks off its 10th season. It probably won't take long for Kim to turn the bulk of the attention back on herself by posing in skimpy underwear. 8 p.m. Sunday, E!

Uncharitable Christian

One of the Minnesota Timberwolves' most notorious figures gets remembered in "I Hate Christian Laettner," a new documentary that's part of the "30 For 30" series. The movie will document how the Duke University superstar never lived up to expectations — and made many enemies along the way. 8 p.m. Sunday, ESPN

God save the queen

E! jumps into the scripted-TV business with "The Royals," a soapy look at a fictional queen, played with plenty of oomph by Elizabeth Hurley. Joan Collins joins the mindless antics as the queen's mother. 9 p.m. Sunday, E!

Neal Justin