Strike a pose

Ryan Murphy’s new series “Pose,” in which drag queens strut for respect in New York’s underground club scene, looks and feels like a long-lost Madonna video too racy for 1980s MTV. It doesn’t win props for originality — the premiere’s dance audition is straight out of 1983’s “Flashdance” — but the “vogue off” between two rival clubs will get you into the groove.

8 p.m. Sun., FX

Weight of the world

A fashion magazine advice columnist gets some guidance of her own in “Dietland,” a new comedy that takes an unflinching look at body shaming and sexism in modern-day America. Joy Nash is winning as the sympathetic heroine, especially when she squares off against her boss, played with an impenetrable layer of frost by Emmy winner Julianna Margulies.

8 p.m. Mon., AMC

Trust no one

“Three Days of the Condor,” the 1975 film in which Robert Redford can’t trust the government, was ripe for a contemporary reboot. “Condor” doesn’t disappoint, at least not in the compelling series premiere. Max Irons plays a CIA analyst who may have stopped a domestic terrorism attack, but can’t avoid being the target of his own people. William Hurt is, once again, the bureaucrat who’s smarter than everyone else in the room and isn’t afraid to flaunt it.

9 p.m. Wed., DirecTV

Neal Justin