The further adventures of Finn

Big honors at the Sundance Film Festival don’t always mean an immediate payoff. “Imperial Dreams,” which won the “Best of Next” award at the fest in 2014, wasn’t able to find a distribution platform until now — even though its star, John Boyega, got tons of attention for his role as Finn in the 2015 “Star Wars” reboot “The Force Awakens.” He plays a man trying to reconnect with his son after a stint in jail.

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Minnesotan in the morning

St. Paul native Poppy Harlow is benefiting from a shake-up in CNN’s daily lineup. The former weekend anchor is now co-hosting the first two-hour block of “CNN Newsroom” on weekdays. She and John Berman replace Carol Costello, who has moved to HLN. Berman was co-host of CNN’s “Early Start” (3-5 a.m.); starting Feb. 23, Dave Briggs will take his chair on that show alongside Christine Romans.

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Funny business

“The History of Comedy,” an eight-part series exploring the history and impact of the craft, may be thorough and populated with stars, but it’s merely a curriculum for a beginner’s course on comedy. The documentary gets off to a rough start with a look at the evolution of risqué humor that contains so many bleeps you’ll think you’re stuck in a traffic jam.

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Neal Justin