Slip slidin' away

Could gang violence be curtailed by a few more slow dances at the roller rink? "United Skates" suggests that it could. This documentary, coproduced by John Legend, looks at the positive impact that roller skating has had on black communities across the country, and how its upbeat influence has waned in recent years.

7 p.m. HBO

Growing pains

If you thought the Avengers bickered a lot, you haven't met the folks from "The Umbrella Academy," a group of squabbling "siblings" forced to use their mutant powers for good (or something that resembles it) by a demanding father. Ellen Page plays a member of the family with no obvious talents, except for some wicked dance moves. Mary J. Blige guests as a ruthless assassin.

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First time's a charm

"Minding the Gap" is unlikely to win an Oscar for best documentary this weekend (the heavy favorites are "Free Solo" and "RBG"), but the nomination for rookie feature film director Bing Liu should be victory enough. His highly personal film about blue-collar kids reaching for a modest version of the American dream is amateurish, yet powerful, something Hulu subscribers discovered months ago. Its airing on PBS should widen its fan club.

10 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Neal Justin