Miracle on main street

If you previously missed “Love Always, Santa,” filmed almost entirely in Northfield, now’s your chance. The cookie-cutter movie about getting a second chance at love for Christmas will never be a holiday classic, but it does a nice job of showcasing the charm of small-town Minnesota and is sure to attract more Hollywood productions in the future.

8 p.m., Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Ladies man?

It wasn’t long ago that a movie called “Taken” airing on Lifetime Television would have been about an engaged socialite falling for a bad boy she encounters. That was then, this is now. Yes, this is the 2008 film in which bad guys really, really regret abducting Liam Neeson’s daughter. Keep in mind that Neeson once starred in “The Good Mother,” a Lifetime title if I’ve ever heard one.

7 p.m., Lifetime

Can you dig it?

“Egypt’s Treasure Guardians” shines a flashlight on archaeologists with tales they hope are tantalizing enough to give the country a much-needed tourism boost. The relics showcased in this documentary will make you think twice before boasting about your arrowhead collection.

9 p.m., TPT, Ch. 2

Neal Justin