We can work it out

Top comedians, including D.L. Hughley and Whitney Cummings, offer solutions to problems like the gender gap in pay in the new panel series “The Fix,” hosted by Jimmy Carr. The commentary is obviously rehearsed, but it’s fun to watch some of our best standups bounce off one another.

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Running out of time

It seems like the clock has finally wound down on “Timeless,” which was canceled twice by NBC. The network has been gracious enough, though, to give the cast and producers a proper chance to say goodbye with a two-hour finale expected to wrap up the cliffhangers left at the end of Season 2.

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Beach party

For the second time, “Ex on the Beach” offers reality-TV stars a chance to get back in front of the cameras, even if it means airing their dirty laundry. This time around, former hotties from “The Bachelorette,” “Big Brother,” “Bad Girls Club” and “Vanderpump Rules” gather to turn up the heat on everyone.

7 p.m., MTV

Neal Justin